Leader Pumps Case Study

leaderpumpsSpecializing in pump manufacturing, Leader Pump is one of the leading brands in the water industry.  This member of Denmark's Grundfos Group offers a wide variety of products and remains at the forefront of pump design and innovation.

Complex Pump HousingSince 1995, Leader Pump has been one of Sanli's largest European clients.  Besides developing over 400 plastic pump housing molds that have used to make over 90% of Leader’s products, Sanli has provided business stimulating, creative solutions for the pump company during the last 13 years. 
These include:  

1.Updating Leader Pump's product line from metal to plastic
2.Simplifying the manufacturing process with easier to manipulate materials
3.Variegating Leader’s products by adding more color options
4.Lowering overall costs
5.Increasing productivity

Leader Pump HousingWith Sanli’s help, Leader Pump's annual revenue rose from 6 million to 50 million in just seven years.  Leader has answered to increased global competition and fierce market demands with further shortening their start-to-finish time, increasing production capacity, and lowering costs. 

To accomplish that great task Sanli used their computerized Mold Flow Analysis System, which helps identify ways to improve mold production.  From the system, engineers learned that changing the level of Beryllium in the steel for Leader’s molds would practically halve cooling time and thereby reduce the overall time needed to complete production. 

Grundfos Pump HousingThough the change in material seems small, its far-reaching impact for Leader Pump is a perfect example of Sanli’s dedication to streamlining injection mold production and conserving money with a solutions-minded approach.