LASKO Case Study

LaskoLASKO, the U.S. based company best known for its production of fans, humidifiers, and heaters, was thrilled to receive an extremely large order for 20’’ Box Fans from a major U.S. retailer.

However, problems arose when the production team realized that, with their then-current facilities and equipment, they would only be able to fill about half of the order.

To solve this major production problem, LASKO then sought the help of San Li.  With their trademark innovation and problem-solving skills, San Li’s engineers created a Stack mold which could be used to produce the both the front and back pieces of the box fan.  

Lasko FanThe grills on a box fan contain very thin slats that are difficult to produce.  Sanli proposed the two-tier, Stack mold that reproduced the grills easily, quickly, and accurately.  Even better, LASKO was able to use their original, Single Cavity injection equipment with their new Stack mold; this great idea solved their problem, cut down on human labor time, conserved electricity, and improved efficiency.

By using the new mold to produce both pieces, San Li helped LASKO literally double their capacity, shorten their cycle time from 24 seconds to 15-16 seconds, and ultimately allowed the fan company to fulfill their order on-time and better than ever.