CAD/CAM Advanced Mold Flow Software Aided Design

To meet customer needs for precision, flexibility, and excellence, Sanli employs a team of qualified designers who utilize the latest CAD and CAE mold flow software.  By using software such as Moldex 3D, Sanli engineers are able to virtually simulate various injection molding processes and analyze molding conditions, such as injection pressure, melting temperature, mold temperature, and cooling time.  

Initially “creating” the mold on the computer provides the information necessary to create an optimum mold design, drastically cuts mold testing time, conserves resources, and ultimately shortens delivery time.  

For the discerning customer, Sanli provides complete, in-depth reports on their process and service advantages. 

Mold Flow Software


The Sanli Process

Sanli PlanningHigh-quality, low-cost injection molding is not an accident; it is the result of a well-organized, quality-controlled process.  Here are the steps Sanli takes from receiving your design or sample to delivering your high-quality, finished product to any sea port or airport in the world.

  1. Quotation
  2. Customer Submits PO
  3. Schedule Confirmation
  4. CAD Mold Design
  5. Order and Prepare Raw Materials
  6. Machining
  7. Fitting
  8. Polishing
  9. Mold Assembly
  10. Mold Testing
  11. Surface Processing
  12. Plating
  13. Additional Mold Testing
  14. Mold Completion
  15. Delivery of Mold